What is so good about Synchronised Swimming?

Synchro is a multifaceted activity which not only develops the physical skills of an individual swimmer, but also provides him/her with psychological and social benefits. Although Synchro is predominantly considered a team sport, it also provides opportunities for individual competition and development, promoting self-motivation, healthy attitudes, self-confidence and independence.

Synchro empowers your child and teaches him/her about self-esteem, self-discipline, healthy body image, team-work and time-management. Your child will learn how to set goals and push him/herself to excel.

Synchro can be lots of fun, and having fun is the key to your child pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle and then maintaining that lifestyle throughout his/her adult life.

The Physical Benefits of Synchro

  • Helps develop a healthy lifestyle

  • Build stamina (increase anaerobic and aerobic capacity); strength and power

  • Improves and maintains a high level of flexibility

  • Develops balance, speed and agility

  • Improve posture, co-ordination and motor skills

  • Develops swimming skills

  • Develops musicality, rhythm and kinaesthetic awareness

  • Increases understanding of movement (grace, sharpness, power, etc)

The Psychological Benefits of Synchro

  • Increases creativity

  • Builds patience, concentration and focus

  • Develops skills in multi-tasking

  • Offers excitement and new challenges

  • Develops goal setting (individual and team) and time-management skills

  • Dealing with competition/stress

  • Builds confidence, self-esteem which promotes emotional health

  • Provides opportunities to develop healthy friendships

  • Encourages body awareness and a healthy body image

  • Recognising achievement and success


The Social Benefits of Synchro

  • Cooperation and teamwork

  • Strong role models

  • Builds positive communication skills

  • Receiving and delivering feedback

  • Improve academic achievement

  • Develops perseverance and courage

  • Encouragement (giving and accepting)

  • Strong social values

Vision Statement

The West Dorset (Synchronised) Swimming Club is committed to the pursuit of excellence. We are dedicated to developing our swimmers in order that they can become ambassadors for both the Club and the sport. We strive to recognise and develop talent in the advancement of top class athletes.

Mission Statement

The West Dorset (Synchronised) Swimming Club provides a competitive and recreational program and seeks to:

  • Encourage and promote the sport of Synchronised Swimming

  • Recruit individuals who share our vision

  • Provide our swimmers with coaching support and appropriate opportunities to enable them to reach their full potential within the sport

  • Create and maintain an enjoyable and productive training / development environment which allows swimmers to maintain and build their fitness and skills, but also encourages them to participate in the competitive side of the sport if they so desire.

  • Recognise and value the contribution of all our synchronised swimmers in the success of our team

  • Encourage positive mental attitudes and mutual respect within the team